state opera house | september 2014

Fulfilling a special invitation by the famous Hungarian pop band KFT the choir contributed to its concert at the Hungarian State Opera. We participated in three songs as chorus and a fourth one – The Train from 1982 – was covered by Soharóza alone, acoustically and in our very own interpretation. The feedback of the performance was highly positive so further cooperation is planned.

The full concert will hopefully come out on DVD soon, until then however you have to satisfy yourself with a video of our last rehearsal one day before the performance.

Quote from András Márton, director of the performance (see the full interview - only in Hungarian): "None of us were familiar with Soharóza before this. I discovered them by coincidence and as a result I contacted their conductor, and asked them to adapt and perform one of our songs - without us, just the choir on stage. I was sure we needed an acoustic and solely vocal contrast at one point of the concert. In the end they offered much more than what we expected, they were theatre within the theatre. I think their performance was one of the highlights of the evening."

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