social club of óbuda | october 2017

CAFe Budapest Contemporary Arts Festival

Composer and jazz musician Ernő Zoltán Rubik has been our partner in crime from the very beginning. This time he came forward with his own idiotic compositions, containing a vacuum cleaner fugue, a “school of fish” style improv and musical covers of some Eileen Myles poems composed by Ernő on graphic sheet music. It was a real honour to have singer-songwriter Vera Jónás as our special guest. Besides all that, we also performed two pieces by the Canadian composer R. Murray Schafer, who also happens to use graphic sheet music for some of his compositions.


Dear Audience! Welcome.
Gear Aubiense! Felcome.
Gearie Auweance! Felfromme.
Gearicoe Auwioransee! Fawflomp.
Geereewee Aaweenee! Shawshlomp.
Geereewaw Aawineah! Shewshlump.
Geeruhwaff Aawineah! Shlewshlump.
Gyruhkargh Neempah! Shlewchomp.
Pybynghargh Neemcharg! Phyakoonach.
Prympycharch Neemxarg! Phyakoonach.
Phympycharch Sheemxarg! Chyakoobach.
Phympychoel Sheem tow, chymdolac.
Thympy doel phreemlohre chumdolag.
Thompter sharbel boe, phramderchum.
Thompur charber joe spamderchum.
Thompurchard shertoe chadreem blinge.
Themporchue kemkoe charchenw chimd.
Thuruamque kemkaw pharphenw chumb.
Tharuanque henpaw phargenk yumd.
Thaquanque heuraw phargump yung.
Thagrathe erew farchamp ong.
Thagratch ewew fircomp ong.
Thagratchoo fircomp ong.
Thagratchoo fircommang.
Thang you fer commang.
Thank you for coming.

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