Body, sex, gender, blood, sickness, death, horror rhymes for children. Sensitive topics on the catwalk in extravagant dresses inspired by internal and external taboos. Taboo Collection is the visual and musical cooperation of the costume magician behind the legendary Budapest shows PESTIESTI, Syd and Recycle, and the award-winning leader of the experimental choir Soharóza. The spectacular fashion concert that combines the professions of costume designer Fruzsina Nagy and conductor Dóra Halas builds a playful setting where exciting and unspoken taboos conquer the catwalk of everyday frustrations, so that for a moment we can all look them in the eye.
24 members of the Soharóza choir – as co-creators and performers of the explicit world of the Taboo Collection – break the rules of tradition and intimacy with humour: they organize death parades, show respect to the ancient power and even militancy of menstrual blood symbolizing fertility, and bear up against physical and mental diseases. The collection’s haute couture costumes are inspired by the human body, gender roles, sexuality, instincts and also children’s fears. The dresses – which are sometimes also musical instruments – convene abstract genre images through the curious composition of visual and electronic sound effects created by media artist Ákos Kiss and sound designer Márk Bartha.

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