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singing in the streets | may 2014


Fill the space with voice! – is the slogan of the second Night of Choirs, a great choral festival in the heart of Budapest.


The one-night-long programme, organized annually by Halastó Public Benefit Association, transforms singing into the most natural activity possible in the streets of Budapest. The short concerts of choirs and performers presenting a wide range of musical styles, from classical through folk, jazz and world music to choir improvisation, take place in several exciting venues – for instance hidden gardens of more than 100-year-old palaces. In addition passers-by are distracted by various vocal music flashmobs.


This year the Night of Choirs was opened by a flashmob coming to life in a busy underground station in the heart of the city. A mixture of songs, arranged by Dóra Halas was performed by more than 100 singers coming from different choirs – including Soharóza.