trafó | october 2018

What is an average day like in a non-ordinary office at Soharóza? Extravagant-looking yet familiar figures come into the whitewashed walls of an office: citizens who have come to explain their everyday issues, with turns that will change your life too and cheque payment will no longer be the same. A sea of fake medical papers hidden under a big guy’s clothes, who is requesting disability card for free parking; blueprint-skirts under the shirts of real estate managers; pregnant mother’s clothes turning into prams. In our second catwalk-concert with Fruzsina Nagy even yellow cheques appear as clothes, worn by models singing Hungarian folk song transcriptions, the words re-written by Ádám Fekete, the music framed by Márk Bartha’s electronic music and the choreography done by Emese Cuhorka.

Press (in Hungarian):

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