© kővágó nagy imre

brain bar budapest / kunsthalle | june 2017


Aquiring massive skills from the co-director of ’Tabu kollekció’, the promising costume designer students of Nagy Fruzsina decided to pick the first piece of the catwalk concert as the base of their diploma work. After selecting the ’Death’ part of the performance they used the audible components for inspiration – and created magnificent, unique and highly creative costume-wonders by a self-chosen colour. The final outputs included tons of humour, irony of a very healthy level and admirable self-reflection.

During the mini catwalk extract the members of Soharóza play the role of supermodels, presenting their unique costumes with singing about Death, creating a complex, unified vision of ’their makers’. The concert debuted on the Brain Bar Festival, backed by the original electronic atmosphere of ’Tabu kollekció’; which was followed by its accoustic verion in the Kunsthalle of Budapest.