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with chili&vanilia food blogger | june 2010


Musical sounds turned into saveurs: mouth to mouth. We often have the opportunity to work together with food blogger Zsófi Mautner. This time our short musical improvisation blocks and Zsófi’s enthralling cute pieces of desserts were merged within a concert based on music and food of different nations.



Geographical Fugue

Bulgarian asymmetrical rhythm with goat cheese tart

Lebanese milk pudding and derbuka drum

Turkish market ambiance with a vegetable orchestra

Italian madrigal and rosy-raspberry flavored Sobretto

Indonesian pancake and Wayang theatre

Black Africa with Chocolate

Brownie à la butterscotch with salt and Argentinian Creole Mass

Trans-Danubian ‘blue note’ as old Hungarian women do it


Dolce Voce Unchilied – a concert without desserts – was presented in a unique space by the River Danube: a temporary exhibition hall of the Palatinus houses.


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