Hildegard von Bingen – a contemporary, secular performance from the legacy of a 12th-century abbess


Genre: experimental choir theatre



Saturday, 21 February 2015, 7 PM (FB event) / venue: Bakelit Multi Art Center

Sunday, 22 February 2015, 4 PM (FB event) /venue: Bakelit Multi Art Center

Sunday, 22 February 2015, 7 PM (FB event) /venue: Bakelit Multi Art Center


Tickets available on JEGY.HU or through the homepage of BAKELIT 


What you can expect: Polyphony and improvisation based on Hildegard’s plain chants and elements of her life. Movement and sound experiments weaved into the plot and notes of a morality play written and composed by the abbess herself. Playing with natural acoustics and amplification, shedding light on the chapters of a woman’s time of which not a moment was in proper order. The above contradictions are not by chance: Hildegard was a complex phenomenon herself.


Members of Soharóza dived into the abbess’ biography and works, and came across numerous curiosities, which they will attempt to transform into singable/sayable music as part of the story of Ordo Virtutum, Hildegard’s morality play. The biographical facts were in each case reconsidered to find a link to today’s man, to our world and living of now. That is how it was possible to fabricate wordly thoughts out of the words of a woman religious down to her soul, and for the creators to place themselves in the shoes of the protagonist soul of Hildegard’s Order of Virtues.


Anikó Fekete, a drama pedagogist and choral conductor, has joined the group for this period to help with movement and dramaturgy. Soharóza has always been expanding the limits of choral staging, but this project will involve more theatrical aspects than any of their earlier independent performances. The choir for the first time in its history will also experiment with live electronics: for purposes of expressing inner and outwardly states of the soul, the acoustic choral sound will be matched and contrasted with amplified – and in cases distorted – solo voice or speech. By all these means the group aims to arrive at a universal modern artwork of a basic theme more than 800 years.